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Shaker chambers for MAST facilities

Test chambers for combination with a multi-axis shaker table (MAST)

MASTs, also called 6 DOF shakers or hexapods, are increasingly used for the combined testing of, for example, battery packs to simulate driving profiles under reproducible temperature and climatic conditions. The hydraulically operated shaker tables can be moved freely in all three spatial axes with six degrees of freedom and with large deflections. When combined with a test chamber, this requires a special design for the connection and sealing.

How the CTS MAST chambers give you added value

In cooperation with the supplier of each MAST system, CTS offers corresponding solutions which are tailored to the actual application. Where possible, the shaker table is integrated into the chamber so that it can be moved freely and does not cause a change of volume in the chamber. The connection and sealing preferably take the form of chamber ports provided by the MAST supplier. These are, for example, integrated into the floor passages for the hydraulic cylinders.

Our experienced sales and project engineers always plan and design a MAST test chamber according to your individual requests. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Test space volume

typically >10 to approx. 80 m3 or higher, if necessary

Humidity ranges

10 - 95 % r.h.

The design example shows a 62m³ MAST test chamber supplied by the Bertrandt company in Tappenbeck.
For more information, see: Bertrandt

Temperature ranges

-30°C / +120...150°C
(depending on requirements)
-70°C / +120...150°C
(depending on requirements)
down to -45°C using CO2