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SG series test cabinets for corrosive gas

Climatic test cabinets to measure the influences of corrosive gases

Pollutants in the ambient air, such as sulphur dioxide, can cause corrosion damage to various materials in combination with humidity. CTS climatic test chambers with corrosive gas equipment can be used to reproducibly test the effects of corrosive gases on a wide range of materials. The corrosive gas equipment with a removable container made of transparent, corrosion-resistant plastic can be equipped with up to 4 individual dosing pipes. This allows tests to be carried out with single gases as well as the simultaneous dosing of up to 4 gases. A CTS climatic test cabinet is used as the basic unit, and can also be used for other tests by dismantling the slide-in container.

Test space volume in litres:

350 / 600 / 1000

Possible test gases:

H2S, SO2, NOx, CL2 (others on request)

The main basic equipment of the test cabinets for corrosive gas

  • Corrosive gas equipment
  • Attached test cabinets for corrosive gas
  • 1 gas dosing container made of PMMA (Plexiglas)
  • 1 dosing pipe for corrosive gas
  • 1 exhaust-air connection for customer disposal

Standard basic equipment of the test chambers

  • Capacitive multi-touch display in the front panel with function keys for the main system functions
  • Easy-to-maintain capacitive humidity measuring system
  • USB stick connection for data storage
  • Ethernet interface
  • 2 digital outputs to the customer-provided test specimen controls
  • Software-based min. / max. temperature limiter
  • Slide-in rack in stainless steel
  • Entry port Ø 50 mm on centre right
  • Door latch for one-handed operation, lockable

CTS test chambers for corrosive gas – main options

  • Additional dosing pipe
  • Sampling connection device in the exhaust-gas pipe
  • Additional slide-in container made of PMMA
  • Support grid made of a perforated PMMA plate
  • System for corrosive gas can be extended to carry out tests in line with EN 60068-2-42