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TSS series temperature shock test cabinets

 Performing shock tests

Due to extremely fast temperature changes, the innovative technology of our CTS two-chamber standard shock test cabinets provides ultra-high temperature change gradients on the test specimen. The compressed-air dryer system used as standard allows up to 3000 test cycles without defrosting.

The most common national and international standards (DIN, IEC, MIL) are met.

Also available as a one-chamber system with a larger test space volume.

Test space volume in litres

66 / 130 / 350 / 500 / 1200

Temperature ranges

Hot chamber: +50°C / +220°C
Cold chamber: -80°C / +100°C

Standard basic equipment for temperature shock test cabinets

  • Capacitive multi-touch display in the front panel with function keys for the main system functions
  • USB stick connection for data storage
  • Ethernet interface
  • 2 digital outputs to the customer-provided test specimen controls
  • Slide-in rack in stainless steel
  • Entry port Ø 80 – Ø 125mm depending on device type
  • Long-term tests up to 3000h without defrosting
  • Cycle mode in the cold chamber
  • Observation window in the hot chamber
  • Door latch for one-handed operation, lockable

How the temperature shock test chamber benefits you

  • Low connected load/energy consumption
  • Extremely low sound pressure level
  • Simple, user-friendly operation and programming
  • Identical control panel in all sizes
  • Service-friendly design
  • Compliance with current CE and EMC regulations

Main options for the CTS test cabinet

  • Additional wire mesh shelves and protective grids for the basket
  • Extended temperature range in the hot chamber: +250°C (for 130 litres)
  • Overtemperature protection for test specimen
  • Separate Pt 100 for measurement at the test specimen
  • CID software for programming and documentation
  • Water-cooled condenser for TSS -70/66
  • External air-cooled condenser for TSS -70/130 and TSS -70/350
  • Additional entry ports
  • Higher test item weight
  • Separate machine group incl. switch cabinet (350 l)
  • Further interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB
  • Additional observation window in the cold chamber

Technical specifications

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