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Test systems for electric engines or electric axle test beds

CTS system suitable for your test bed

Temperature and climate test systems combined with or integrated into an electric engine or electric axle test bed require special concepts that are adapted and aligned to the test bed in question. In addition to what are often high performance requirements, good accessibility to the test bed is a priority. CTS can offer a wide range of solutions based on different systems. The concept suitable for each application depends, among other things, on boundary conditions such as the installation situation, test bed connection, desired or necessary handling, test space dimensions and performance requirements and should be discussed and selected together with the customer. Systems can be used such as air-conditioning devices with an external test space, a split climatic test hood with integrated air conditioning, test cabinets based on compact units with a test chamber in front (TV/CV series), standard units with a special door panel connecting to the test stand or other application-specific special solutions.

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