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SSC series corrosion test cabinets in line with VDA

VDA chambers for extensive corrosion testing

This corrosion test cabinet has been specially developed for carrying out alternating corrosion tests to meet standards such as VDA 233-102 or similar. This allows cyclic corrosion tests to be carried out under various alternating stresses, including cold storage. Corrosion tests are mainly carried out in the automotive, steel and aluminium industries, e.g. to test materials or coatings under real conditions for their corrosion resistance or service life when exposed to salty air and high or fluctuating humidity and temperature changes.

CTS corrosion test cabinets

The special feature of the CTS corrosion test chamber is the use of a stainless steel slide-in container with a corrosion-resistant internal coating. This coating has a high abrasion resistance and can be repaired easily and quickly in the case of damage. The design with a slide-in container also has the great advantage that the components required to control the temperature are not exposed to the salty, corrosive atmosphere.

Test space volume:

approx. 1600 litres

Humidity range:

10 - 95% r.h.

Temperature ranges:

from -15°C to +50°C for temperature tests
from +10°C to +50°C for climatic tests

VDA chambers – the main basic equipment

  • Slide-in container with jacket temperature control, corrosion-resistant
  • Design with pointed roof
  • Container door with window and external LED illumination to visually inspect the test items
  • 2 recirculation fans with slide-in container enable the temperature of the test specimen to be changed faster
  • Salt fog spraying nozzle incl. compressed air humidifier to pre-humidify the compressed air
  • Height-adjustable nozzle holders
  • Dosing pump to set the spraying quantity in line with VDA 233-102
  • Temperature control system for tests from -15°C to +50°C
  • Humidification via the compressed air humidifier
  • Dehumidification via compressed air
  • Pressure compensator pipe ⌀ 28 mm for customer-provided piping leading outside or
  • A customer-provided channel
  • Easy-to-maintain capacitive humidity measuring system with a special device offering protection from salt fog
  • Capacitive multi-touch display in the front panel with function keys for the main device functions

Main options for corrosion test cabinets

  • Independent temperature limiter
  • CID software for programming and documentation
  • Extended temperature range from -20°C to +70°C
  • Storage tank for saline solution