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NEW Touch Panel for CTS cabinets and chambers

December 2014

C - Touch - Screen
NEW possibilities, NEW functions, NEW ways

  • New Possibilities:
    Thanks to the four times higher resolution than the former terminal more and detailed information can be shown. The C-Touch-Screen has a screen size from 7” and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. With the contemporary operation over the capacitive multi-touch it results in advanced possibilities to get information. For example the menu of analogue channels which can now be combined with the menu of digital channels. The one and two finger gesture implemented in the trend graph shows the potential of the new terminal.
  • New Functions:
    The C-Touch-Screen has now a USB-Host connection. Therefore you can connect some storage to the terminal and store your measurements independent from the PC. These measurements can then be visualized over our CID-Software. Also possible is to write a test cycle over CID-Software and import it via USB-storage.
  • New Ways:
    The C-Touch-Screen can be equipped optional with an RFID-Reader. After a configuration defining which RFID-tag starts or ends a specific function. These functions can be triggered upon detection. It can be used for example to log the C-Touch-Screen or start a defined test-cycle without touching the screen. So a very easy handling, also within rough surroundings or for few instructed users is possible.

Despite the new look, the users will be able to handle it very quickly, because we are using same symbols for the main function like for the former touch display and also self-explaining icons.

Delivery date: from approximately April 2015