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Management Change at the CTS Clima Temperatur Systeme GmbH

May 2010

  • As one of the leading specialists in the production of environmental simulation equipment, the CTS GmbH has made a name for itself. On 30.4.2010, Mr. Peter Jehs stepped down from the company’s operative management, but continue remain on board as a partner. His son, Philipp Jehs, has been working in mechanical design since 2005 and took over his area of responsibility on 1.5.2010. Philipp Jehs leads the company alongside managing partners Helmut Maute und Rainer Modes.

left to right: Philipp Jehs, Helmut Maute (seated), Rainer Modes, Peter Jehs (seated)

  • The CTS GmbH was founded in 1996 by Peter Jehs, Rainer Modes and Helmut Maute. It currently has 115 employees at its headquarters in Hechingen. In addition to the Hechingen headquarters, there are 8 affiliated companies in Europe and a further 20 sales and service partners throughout the world.