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CTS revolutionises CO₂ cooling

November 2019

Deep-freezing using the natural refrigerating agent CO₂ (GWP 1) instead of R23 (GWP 14800)

CO2 cooling

  • THE ideal solution for automotive test applications down to -40 °C
  • CO2 (R744) is freely available without restrictions worldwide and very inexpensive
  • Use in the deep-cooling stage of refrigeration cascade cycles
  • Proven technology with approved standard components
  • No additional cooling necessary during downtime, no leak test needed
  • Small filling quantities, operating pressures up to max. 35 bar
  • Final temperatures as low as -48 °C, almost full cooling capacity down to -40 °C
  • Devices produced with heat compensation up to 40 kW at -40 °C
  • A variety of test cabinets and test cells have already been delivered