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Operating system has never been so simple and user-friendly!

November 2008

Status overview:

  • Displays all connected units (chamber names and status).
  • Displays all analogue and digital channels for any selected unit.
  • Displays status information for the selected unit (automatic or manual operation, error reports).
  • Dynamic contextual screen set up – elimination of unnecessary or confusing elements.
  • Displays all functions via symbols and menu bars. All symbols also contain a tool text-description.
  • Short but significant reports listing for all units.
  • The chamber name is easily editable to meet requirements.
  • Language can be changed during running time to either German or English.
  • Supporting operating systems
    Windows Vista, XP, 2000+SP3


  • Create, change or delete the test cycle programs.
  • Define value lines, loops, conditional jumps or subprograms in the test program.
  • Set the time base of a program: Seconds, minutes or hours.
  • Zoom a specific area to set a value more accurately.
  • Display all functions via symbols and menu bars. All symbols contain a tool text-description.
  • Detailed information of all channel values for the selected lines.
  • Copy lines or whole blocks and paste them back again.
  • Create or shift a point in the graphics with double click on the new point.
  • Loads the last test program opened.
  • Zoom to 20 levels.
  • Save programs as templates that can be pasted back as modules.
  • Define a fixed gradient for a point -> e.g. -5K/min cooling or 5K/min heating.

Graphical measurement data evaluation:

  • Display complete measurement results.
  • Hide channels which are not to be displayed.
  • Difference and duration can be calculated (evaluation with two cursors on the graph).
  • Select real time displays (date and time) or relative information (e.g. minutes).
  • Zoom a selected area to carry out more accurate evaluations.
  • The scaling of analogue channels can be displayed on the right or left in the graphic zone.
  • Also display the cursor in the digital channels.
  • Display all functions via symbols and menu bars. All symbols contain a tool text-description.
  • Standard-configuration for the display of analogue and digital channels is selectable:
    The first 4 analogue and 4 digital channels have standard-set-actual-colours.
  • The last measured results opened are loaded.
  • Zoom to 20 levels.
  • Extended search for measuring files.
  • Measured files for the same configurations can be combined.
  • Optimized Microsoft® Excel export function with user changeable options.


  • With the new menus, there is the option to visually display the layout of your units with site layout background photos and pictures of the individual setups. Units can be configured with user-defined sizes, position and appearance.
  • Key information is displayed when the cursor is moved over a chamber.


  • Communication to the setup is freely configurable through RS232, RS485 or a network. Additionally, an online monitoring function is provided for other computers on the network.

Special menus for Temperature Shock-Test-Cabinets:

  • A particularly clear display of the configuration with the special shock-test menu. The heating chamber, lower cold chamber or lift cage temperature - all information at a glance.
  • With the shock test editor, standard shock test programs can be easily created.