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Tested at the Limit
Checked for everyday use

Demo version of the CID-Pro V5 software

  • You can install this program on any computer equipped with Windows. It shows you all the possibilities of our software.
  • Let yourselves be convinced by its easy handling.
  • Discover the possibilities of the documentation and data conditioning functions. Test by yourself the creation of test cycles.
  • This program is more than a demo version. If you have already recorded data with our software, you can analyze them offline in your office using the demo version. You can also create test cycles to be used with the standard version.
  • The test programs and measurement records of the CID version V3.x, V4.x and V5.x are compatible with one another.

Graphic module

  • With this free tool you have the option to graphically present and analyze acquired measurements.

Driver for the hardware key (Sentinel dongle driver)

  • The hardware key (dongle) is required to unlock the full version of the CID-Pro software (up to version 4.x).
  • Do you have a dongle for your CID-Pro full version and the driver is missing? Here you can download the driver.

Hardware key driver for the remote desktop connection (up to version 4.x)

  • For a remote desktop connection the "Sentinel Protection Server" is required. In addition to the USB system driver, the Sentinel Protection Server must be installed so that the dongle can be found on the network. The installation takes place on the system running the CID-Pro full version and thus the dongle is plugged in.


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