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CTS quality strategy and environmental policy

We are only satisfied when you are! With our high-quality devices, we help our customers achieve their goals. We are always aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment. Of course, we are also proud that we can improve the level of safety and quality in everyday life with our high-quality technology.







Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our top priority, because only satisfied customers recommend us to others. We listen carefully to our customers and are thus able to implement their needs and expectations. We attach great importance to precise, binding statements. We offer individually tailored solutions within the scope of our competence. With high-quality components and efficient regional suppliers, we stand for uncompromising quality.

Compliance with legal requirements

It is our aim to manufacture products that lastingly fulfil our customers' requirements and expectations. The processes we use to achieve this correspond to the state of the art in science and technology. All production and testing phases are carefully planned and comply with all required standards, regulations and national and international legislation.

Continuous improvement

Through ongoing, continuous improvement processes, we identify and carry out measures to increase the quality of our products, services and environmental performance. All processes are constantly checked with the aim of avoiding errors and increasing efficiency. We have set ourselves targets for quality and environmental issues to ensure this continuous improvement process can be maintained.

Employees & managers

Our employees are our greatest strength. They have become part of the region and the location, which is very important to us. Their sense of responsibility is constantly encouraged and trained as part of our system. One of our most important tasks is to further develop the skills and know-how of our employees. We support this through regular professional development. It is the managers' task to achieve the goals for quality and environmental issues. By setting a personal example, communicating and involving the employees in decision-making processes, they promote employees' personal responsibility and awareness of quality and environmental issues. We maintain an open relationship and take time for one other.

Protection of the environment, decarbonisation, greenhouse gas emissions

Protecting the environment and the climate are important to us. We are committed to protecting the environment in all relevant business processes. We aim to prevent or reduce environmental pollution wherever possible. Our employees are encouraged to use all resources responsibly and sustainably. The processes for manufacturing products and services are energy-efficient and preferably run using renewable energies.
The decarbonisation of our business activities is an important strategic goal. We want to make our contribution and intend to reduce greenhouse gases as much as possible. We report on our consumption and savings in greenhouse gas emissions as part of our environmental management system.

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Management commitment

Our managers ensure that the environmental and quality management system can achieve its intended results. They take the steps required to integrate it into the management system and ensure it is carried out. Errors in the system are systematically investigated to continuously improve the management system. The managers ensure that all legal and other requirements the company has committed to are met. They undertake to plan measures to deal with opportunities and risks in a targeted manner. Since the sustainable development of the company is our top priority, we only accept manageable risks.